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Lady holding HearSkins Sticker sheets toward camera smiling

Our Mission

HearSkins is more than just a creator of innovative hearing stickers. Our mission transcends product design - we aspire to reshape perceptions and cultivate a world where hearing devices is met with celebration and confidence. Our impact is about dismantling stereotypes and fostering a realm of empowerment for people who wear hearing devices. By transforming the act of wearing hearing aids into an active expression of inner self assurance, we’re steering the narrative toward acceptance.

boy holding HearSkins Stickers and hearing aids while playing with car toys


Our Mission

Although HearSkins were developed for all ages, our company is deeply committed to creating a positive impact on the ives of children who wear hearing devices. We understnad that the journey of self-discovery begins at a young age, and we aim to empower kids with the tools to express their unique personalities. Our specially designed stickers not only transform hearing aids into customizable accessories but also provide children with a means to embrace their hearing loss and share their stories with the world. By offering playful and imaginative designs that resonate with kids’ interests, we aspire to build a sense of pride and self-assurance which can only lead to confidence for our younger generation of hearing aid wearers.

As we are constantly adding bundled packs to our collection, we would love feedback from our customers! If you would like to see a specific design/designs, email us at our website with the Subject of “suggestions”. Thank you for supporting HearSkins and we encourage you to wear them with pride and AMPLIFY YOUR IDENTITY!!

New Arrivals

Lady facing away from camera showing her hearing aid with HearSkins applied
Young Girl smiling while holding hearskins

- Cherry

“Thank you for my new HearSkins decals for my Oticon Real devices! Loved customizing my aids and they still fit perfectly in my charger!”
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