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How-to and usage suggestions

Below is our guide to help you enjoy our products best.

Installing HearSkins

1. Prepare work area and items. Ensure your device and work area are clean and free of water, dirt or anything that may interfere. 

2. Prepare and clean device. Following approved methods of your device manufacture, clean your device, removing any dirt or oils

3. Wash hands. Ensure prior to handling sticker sheets, that hands are clean and dry

4. Peel away the sticker from sheet. Use your thumb and pointer finger to pry the back paper from the surface of the sticker. As you peel away the paper, pinch the vertical edges of the sticker with your opposite hand. Once the back paper is completely removed, hold the sticker with the thumb and pointer finger of each hand.

  • Avoid touching or holding the back surface of the sticker, as your fingerprints will make the sticker look smudged and sloppy.

  • It’s tricky to arrange a sticker when you’re holding it by the center portion.

HearSkins being pulled from sheet
HearSkins sticker sheet on table top

5. Alignment sticker and apply to device. Carefully align sticker to your device,

Continue holding the sticker securely as you place it on the surface. Try applying the center of the sticker first, then press the outer edges of the sticker into place. Aim to do this in a fluid motion to prevent any air bubbles from forming. 

6. Press out any air bubbles with a squeegee or credit card. Grab a flat, bendy item and press it in an even line along the surface of the sticker. Move your squeegee, credit card, or the other tool consistently, applying an even amount of pressure as you go from edge to edge. Focus on areas that have air bubbles, so the sticker looks smooth

7. Rest and enjoy! We recommend letting device and newly placed sticker rest for at least 2 minutes after application.


Sticker removal is simple, you just gently peel the sticker off from your hearing device. If
there is any adhesive residue remaining, you can simply use an alcohol wipe to remove.
Ideally it is great to change the skins every 6 months on average. As a reminder, please
do not use any acetone, sticky stuff remover or water on your hearing device as this
may cause damage to your hearing aid. HearSkins is not responsible for any damage
incurred from the application/removal of this product.


With the proper care and removal, stickers could be used multiple times.

We advice you keep you unused sheets and stickers in a cool dry place, stored flat and away from open flames or direct sunlight.

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