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HearSkins was created by an audiologist with a passion for seeking to destigmatize the use of hearing devices. Graduating with her doctorate in the early 2000's, Jen Aslin, Au.D., was initially encouraged to fit hearing aids that were so tiny that no one knew her patients were wearing hearing aids. The idea of hearing aids being "covered" by hair and/or invisible to the eye was always bothersome to her. Through a lot of conversations with people globally, the idea of embracing and celebrating hearing aids came to light. Hearing devices are life-changing and built with remarkable technology that improves the lives of those who wear them...why not individualize them by creating products that allow users to create individuality, expression and some fun?

HearSkins was designed with the motto "Amplify your Identity". Creating products that bring style and unique expression for people who choose to wear our HearSkins is our ultimate goal. Why not change the way people feel about wearing their hearing devices?

​Let's celebrate it with HearSkins...and amplify your identity!

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